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Tolka Park

Tolka Park is situated on Richmond Road in Drumcondra, on the northside of Dublin city. It was the home of Drumcondra FC until the end of the 1971/72 season when the club merged with Home Farm. Tolka continued to be the home ground of the new club, known as Home Farm-Drumcondra in 1972/73, and for Home Farm (when they dropped 'Drumcondra' from their name) from 1973/74 until 1989.

Shamrock Rovers also played home games at Tolka Park in 1987/88.

In the Summer of 1989 Shelbourne took on the long term lease, making Tolka Park their home stadium, while Home Farm moved up the road to Whitehall, which had been the club's underage venue for some time.

Ground Name History

Tolka ParkNoneNone

Associated Teams

Shamrock RoversShamrock R1 Jan 20061 Mar 2009
Home FarmHome Farm1 Jul 197330 Jun 1989
Shamrock RoversShamrock R1 Jul 198730 Jun 1988
Home Farm-DrumcondraHFDRUM1 Jul 197230 Jun 1973
DrumcondraDrumcondra1 Nov 192630 Jun 1972
FrankfortFKT1 Jan 192131 Dec 1922
ShelbourneShels1 Jul 19891 Jan 1900