Lucan United

Lucan United Squad

Squad NoPlayerPosAgeNationStartCur
0Brian Hayes GK -Republic of Ireland1 Jan 1000
0Ian Molloy GK 27 years, 6 monthsRepublic of Ireland1 Jul 2018
0Jamie Behan GK -Republic of Ireland1 Jan 1000
1Imrich Toth GK -Republic of IrelandNone
0Andrei Tornyai DF -Unknown1 Jan 1000
22Anthony Kavanagh DF -Republic of IrelandNone
0Andrew Bracken DF 27 years, 2 monthsRepublic of Ireland1 Jan 1000
0Ryan Blake DF -England13 May 2024
0Gareth Matthews DF 34 years, 3 monthsRepublic of Ireland1 Jan 1000
0Kevin Knight DF 31 years, 3 monthsRepublic of Ireland4 Jul 2023
0Brian Connaughton DF 35 yearsRepublic of Ireland1 Aug 2023
0Stephen Lawless DF -Republic of Ireland1 Jan 1000
0Patrick Seery DF 30 years, 5 monthsRepublic of Ireland1 Jul 2019
0Shane Maloney DF 27 years, 7 monthsRepublic of Ireland1 Jan 1000
0Luke Walsh DF 27 years, 6 monthsRepublic of Ireland1 Aug 2023
19Luke Green DF -Republic of IrelandNone
4Aaron Brazil DF -Republic of IrelandNone
2Dylan Connolly DF 24 yearsRepublic of IrelandNone
0Gareth Hamilton DF -Republic of Ireland1 Jan 1000
12Harry McEvoy DF 22 years, 9 monthsRepublic of IrelandNone
0Michael McLoughlin MID -Unknown6 Aug 2018
0Marco Chindea MID 30 years, 1 monthRomania1 Jan 1000
0Jonathan Lukaso MID -Republic of Ireland1 Jan 1000
0Sean Cronin MID 25 years, 3 monthsRepublic of Ireland1 Jul 2019
11Gary Seery MID -Republic of IrelandNone
17Adrian Rafferty MID -Republic of IrelandNone
0Conor Clifford MID 32 years, 7 monthsRepublic of Ireland1 Aug 2023
0Jamie Doyle MID 30 years, 6 monthsRepublic of Ireland1 Aug 2023
0Mark Byrne MID -Republic of Ireland1 Aug 2023
0Jamie Hollywood MID 26 years, 10 monthsRepublic of Ireland1 Jan 2023
0Sean Quinn MID 25 years, 3 monthsRepublic of Ireland26 Feb 2024
20Stephen Kinsella FW -Republic of IrelandNone
0Derek Lawlor FW -Republic of Ireland1 Jan 1000
0Dave Mooney FW 39 years, 6 monthsRepublic of Ireland1 Jul 2019
0Bobinel Mazono FW 29 years, 9 monthsCongo DR1 Jan 1000
0Aji Sule FW 32 yearsRepublic of Ireland1 Jul 2018
14Jake Ellis FW 23 years, 2 monthsRepublic of IrelandNone
0Daniel Mhondiwa -Republic of Ireland8 May 2024
9Anthony McKay -UnknownNone
0Tommy Illunga -Republic of Ireland1 Jan 2020
0Dylan Clausen -Republic of Ireland1 Aug 2023
23Sean Ray -Republic of IrelandNone
16James McMahon -Republic of IrelandNone
0Michael Adebambo -Republic of Ireland1 Aug 2023
13Joshu Ukek -Republic of IrelandNone
0To be Confirmed -Republic of Ireland1 Jan 1000