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South Korea

South Korea


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The South Korean national team, referred to as Korea Republic, is governed by the Korea Football Association.

Squad Breakdown
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NameDate of BirthPosition
Jung Sung-ryong Jung Sung-ryong Korea, South	 04 Jan 1985 Goalkeeper
Kim Seung-gyu Kim Seung-gyu Korea, South	 30 Sep 1990 Goalkeeper
Lee Bum-young Lee Bum-young Korea, South	 02 Apr 1989 Goalkeeper
Hong Jeong-ho Hong Jeong-ho Korea, South	 12 Aug 1989 Defender
Hwang Seok-ho Hwang Seok-ho Korea, South	 27 Jun 1989 Defender
Kim Chang-soo Kim Chang-soo Korea, South	 12 Sep 1985 Defender
Kim Young-gwon Kim Young-gwon Korea, South	 27 Feb 1990 Defender
Kwak Tae-hwi Kwak Tae-hwi Korea, South	 08 Jul 1981 Defender
Lee Yong Lee Yong Korea, South	 24 Dec 1986 Defender
Lee Suk-young Lee Suk-young Korea, South	 13 Feb 1990 Defender
Park Joo-Ho Park Joo-Ho Korea, South	 16 Jan 1987 Defender
Ha Dae-sung Ha Dae-sung Korea, South	 02 Mar 1985 Midfield
Han Kook-young Han Kook-young Korea, South	 19 Apr 1990 Midfield
Ji Dong-won Ji Dong-won Korea, South	 28 May 1991 Midfield
Ki Sung-yueng Ki Sung-yueng Korea, South	 24 Jan 1989 Midfield
Kim Bo-kyung Kim Bo-kyung Korea, South	 06 Oct 1989 Midfield
Lee Chung-yong Lee Chung-yong Korea, South	 02 Jul 1988 Midfield
Park Jong-woo Park Jong-woo Korea, South	 10 Mar 1989 Midfield
Son Heung-min Son Heung-min Korea, South	 08 Jul 1992 Midfield
Kim Shin-wook Kim Shin-wook Korea, South	 14 Apr 1988 Forward
Koo Ja-cheol Koo Ja-cheol Korea, South	 27 Feb 1989 Forward
Lee Keun-ho Lee Keun-ho Korea, South	 11 Apr 1985 Forward
Park Chu-young Park Chu-young Korea, South	 10 Jul 1985 Forward
Last Six Results
South Korea scores first

26 Jun Belgium (H) 0 - 1
22 Jun Algeria (A) 2 - 4
17 Jun Russia (A) 1 - 1
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